About Us

Six decades ago, when brothers Willis and Myron January started an Oklahoma City-based waste-disposal business, they set out to do things right. That meant no cutting corners, no skimping on quality – and always putting their customers’ needs up front. It meant laying a foundation of family values and honest work ethic, and building their business brick by brick, based on a core of integrity and commitment.

More than 50 years later, the company has grown substantially, but its foundation is more than strong enough to hold the weight. Offering a single solution for the intelligent collection, transport and disposal of waste products, as well as environmental control services, January Environmental works diligently every day to provide its clientele the very best when it comes to compliance, cost, and customer service.

CEO Cris January Sr. took the helm at January Environmental in 1989. He’d started working for his family’s business in 1976, when he was 18 and possessed a vision to build “a nationwide environmental control company that would offer transportation, disposal and recycling for the industrial sector as our nation developed its environmental guidelines.”

“Timing is everything and our industry flourished,” Cris says. “I sold the first gallon of used oil we collected for 8 cents. Today we market for $2 plus.”

Cris’s vision has taken January Environmental from 50 customers in 1976 to more than 10,000 today. Under his innovative leadership, the company has built:

  • Industrial waste water treatment facilities that meet the challenge of strict discharge regulations of the Clean Water Act.
  • Excellent compliance conditions valued by its customers.
  • A transportation network covering all 48 mainland states from 11 terminals.
  • A diversified battery of services that supplies customers with a complete package for their waste management needs, and separates January from its competitors.
  • A growing international footprint.

“As I hand off the torch to the third generation of Januarys, my daughter Loren and son Cris Jr., I stress the basics that built our company one brick at a time,” Cris says. “There are no substitutes for hard workcommon sense and moderate intelligence.”

Currently vice president, Loren January began her career when she was 16, filing documents, invoicing, billing, copying, and answering the phone.

After earning an economics degree from the University of Oklahoma in 2006, Loren took on a managerial role in her father’s company, focusing on corporate management and compliance issues. Today, as vice president, she handles corporate management, client relations, compliance, and implementing internal programs for the rapidly expanding business.

“Hard work, integrity and dedication to family are the cornerstones to January Environmental,” Loren says. “Living up to these standards will progress our way to becoming a leader in our industry”.

Like his sister, Cris January Jr. started his career with a hands-on approach, washing trucks and performing maintenance tasks. He obtained a Class A CDL, which enabled him to start driving and servicing clients. His managerial experience began in Denver, as operations manager, and he eventually advanced to national operations manager, the position he holds today. He also serves as the national sales representative.

Cris Jr. fondly recalls his dad teaching him how to drive a tractor trailer. The plan was to drive from Denver out to the flat terrain in Nebraska and South Dakota, where Cris Jr. could ‘get his feet wet.’

“Well, little did we know that 24 hours later we’d be a little turned around and out of our familiar territory – and tackling 5,000-foot switchbacks in the Black Hills of South Dakota,” Cris Jr. says. “Talk about an awesome experience to go through with your father. Memories and experiences like this have been unforgettable. They have made who I am today. Thanks, Dad!”

With fully licensed and permitted centralized waste treatment facilities and transportation terminals that serve the continental United States, January Environmental and its subsidiary January Transport provide full-time, full-service industrial waste disposal collection, management, and recycling services, including:

Contact January Environmental today to discover how we can take care of all of your waste management needs, with old-fashioned values, cutting-edge technology, and a fair price.