Oil Filter Collection

Used filter recycling is the process where oil filters can be reused, saving money – and the environment. After they’ve served their purpose in your facility, they can be repurposed as scrap metal and fuel sources for other industries. In addition, several states have regulations about the disposal of used filters, especially used oil filters, so it’s important to pay careful attention to how your used filters are handled.

January Environmental provides you with environmentally compliant collection containers for storing used filters until your scheduled pick-up and removal. Our OSHA-certified waste technicians will collect the filters, and transport them to an EPA-compliant facility for complete recycling, which includes cleaning, scrap metal recovery, and media processing.

Metal extracted from the filters is used by plants that re-manufacture scrap metal for products like rebar, or reinforcing steel. The filter’s media is also an excellent secondary incineration fuel source, primarily for kilns used in the production of cement.

Contact January Environmental today to find out how our recycling and sustainability initiatives can maximize production, reduce your environmental footprint, and save you money. Ask about our package deals for used oil and filter recycling.