Customized Waste Profiling and Minimization

Every business is unique, and yours is no exception. That’s why January Environmental will tailor an all-inclusive, ecologically sound waste treatment plan that works for you, providing exactly what you need, when you need it – and at a price you can afford.

Our unparalleled service starts with three simple steps. First, we’ll collaborate with your personnel to perform a comprehensive assessment of your work processes and waste streams. Then, we’ll create a waste management solution that complements your specific requirements, as well as your budget. Finally, we’ll put the plan in action, carrying out scheduled pickups and transportation, and providing ongoing monitoring of your waste management situation.

Step 1: Evaluation

Our waste management experts will conduct a thorough waste profile, sampling and evaluating your waste streams based on chemical composition, production processes, volume, packaging, and other relevant MSDS information. We’ll look at local, state, and federal regulations, as well as your company’s waste disposal concerns or goals.

Step 2: Proposal Development

We’ll generate a personalized waste management plan, with disposal and recycling recommendations, based on advanced techniques and compliancy procedures, as well as cost effectiveness. Options may include landfill disposal, solidification, incineration, recycling, and other alternatives. We’ll also discuss sustainability measures to help you minimize waste in order to maximize production efficiency, decrease costs, and reduce your company’s environmental footprint.

Step 3: Mobilization with Impeccable Service

This includes scheduling regular pickups and industrial cleaning services, as well as delivery of roll off dumpster / containers and other equipment. We’ll also provide full documentation of all disposal services, and conduct regular reevaluations of your waste production to ensure we’re constantly and consistently meeting your needs. And should you be faced with a spill, leak, or other accident, our 24/7 OSHA-certified Emergency Response Team will be there immediately.

Take the first step toward worry-free waste management today. Contact January Environmental today to schedule your waste profile consultation and learn how we can streamline your waste disposal and save you money.