January Environmental’s Confined Space Cleaning

Parked Chemical Truck

Small, cramped areas can be difficult to access and clean. We excel at all types of small space cleaning, and have an array of specialty tools and pressure washers to access and clean many small and confined spaces, including areas that are notoriously difficult to reach. Sometimes these spaces are overlooked because of their difficulty to reach or their small, cramped size, which can leave potentially problematic contaminants behind. Our experienced team has the right tools to access and clean just about any size space.

Small space experts

January Environmental excels at handling all types of small, cramped, confined spaces, including tanks, vessels and silos of all shapes and capacity sizes, vaults, rail cars, below-ground spaces, and more. With our 24/7 emergency responsiveness, we are available whenever you need us for any tank or storage space cleaning challenge.

Frac Tank Cleaning

For those who work in and around the fracking industry, fixed-axle frac tanks provide secure storage of many types of liquids such as chemicals, petroleum or water. Sometimes, frac tanks can store solid materials like manure. No matter what type of matter has been stored, January Environmental has the tools, experience and knowledge to safely, successfully and rapidly clean frac tanks so they can be reused for any purpose.

Storage Tank Cleaning

Confined spaces, like tanks and vaults, are not considered safe for regular employees to maintain. So when your frac tanks, rail cars and other confined spaces need maintenance or repair, January Environmental’s Confined-Space Entry Services Team can do the job.

Storage Tank Cleaning

January Environmental cleans, maintains and inspects all types of bulk storage tanks, including fuel/diesel tanks, fixed and floating roof tanks, liquefied natural gas, pressure tanks, and more. Our OSHA-certified emergency response team is available any time of day or night.

Above or below ground tanks

Above and below ground tanks often contain fuel. Proper maintenance and regular cleaning can prevent costly quality issues. Over time, moisture and residue particles can develop, impairing the quality of your fuel, upping the risk of fire or explosion, and potentially causing permanent tank damage. We safely drain, clean and inspect all types of above and below ground tanks, including fuel tanks.

Manhole and vault cleaning

January Environmental handles all types of pipes, vaults, confined space filter and drain cleaning, along with full service maintenance and cleaning of all types of manholes, culverts, storm drains, filtration boxes and other difficult to clean, hard-to-reach areas.

Rail car cleaning

Locomotive/rail cars can present many cleaning challenges. January Environmental has experience in all aspects of rail car service, including emergency/disaster cleanup, oil spills, dealing with hazardous and/or dangerous materials like asbestos, lead or mold, and other rail car cleaning services.

Confined Space Cleaning

We offer small and confined space cleaning of almost every type and size, and specialize in hard to access areas, hazardous and dangerous material handling, and cleaning a wide variety of confined and closed spaces safely, effectively and efficiently. Our focus is on returning you to uptime as quickly as possible, while simultaneously lowering risk to you and your workers by limiting or eliminating their exposure to potentially unsafe materials.

Vacuum services

When it comes to waste management or emergency spills, January Environmental is your go-to partner, with a properly permitted fleet of industrial vacuum units—including vacuum transports and bobtail vacuum trucks. We safely and efficiently pump and transport all types of liquids, solids, slurries, and sludge for disposal.

Pressure washing

Commercial and industrial pressure washing provides a safe, clean workspace. We can remove even the toughest layers of buildup with nontoxic cleaning solutions that won’t damage your equipment or mar surfaces. We’ll work alongside you to ensure compliance with OSHA and EPA.

Tank maintenance and inspection

Regular maintenance and cleaning of fuel and oil tanks lengthens the life of your equipment and provides a safer working environment. We specialize in hard-to-reach areas and difficult-to-clean spaces, servicing all types and sizes of equipment for minimal downtime. We follow all federal and state regulations, and work alongside you to ensure compliance with your company’s safe removal and disposal requirements.

Heavy contaminant/build-up removal

January Environmental are your waste profiling, waste treatment, and waste removal specialists. We’ll work with you to analyze your waste stream and create a custom waste management plan that fits your budget.

Your Confined Space Cleaning Experts

Your business is important to you, and it’s important to us, too. When you partner with January Environmental for all your industrial cleaning, treatment and maintenance needs, you get a dedicated team that takes the job seriously and works efficiently to maximize your uptime. Our highly trained staff emphasizes safety and follows proper procedures from start to finish. Most importantly, we’ve available whenever and however you need us—with 24/7 service and a wide variety of available services, we look forward to serving you and getting you back to production as quickly and safely as possible. Contact us today to get a custom quote.