Absorbent Booms and Pad Recycling Services

absorbent brooms for waste

Reusable absorbent booms and pads are expensive – and not as effective as new absorbents. Yet, disposing of single-use absorbents is also costly and can be environmentally irresponsible. January Environmental’s absorbent recycling service provides a greener solution, and allows your company to use fresh, optimally absorbent pads every time.

January Environmental will pick up and recycle your spent absorbents to keep them out of landfills. Unlike companies that use chemicals to remove oil from spent pads and then sell them back to customers, we re-purpose pads, socks and booms as burner fuel, and we reuse kitty litter/floor dry as part of our disposal method to dry our solid waste. By blending the floor dry with the solid waste to soak up saturated material, we keep it from running into freshwater streams when the waste is disposed.

We’ll provide drums or bins for you to conveniently use at your leisure, and you can schedule regular pickups, or call us when you need us.

Take advantage of all of January Environmental’s recycling and waste treatment services. Let us design a recycling and waste management package that fits your company’s needs, helping you saving money while protecting the environment.