Our Industrial Cleaning Services

Cleaning and maintaining heavy-duty machinery takes heavy-duty tools and specialist-level expertise. That’s where January Environmental comes in. Our Confined-Space Entry Team is 40-hour (HAZWOPER) certified, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, and are heavily experienced in handling all levels of confined spaces. From cleaning industrial tanks and spills to warehouses to small containment areas, January Environmental can do it.

Confined-Space Entry Services

Any space any size, we can clean it. Providing clean equipment is one step to providing a clean and safe workplace. Overlooking this part within your workplace can lead to poor equipment performance, regulation infractions, or worse personnel safety risks. We provide cleaning for those hard-to-reach areas such as storage tanks, frac tanks, manholes, vaults, and railcars. Our services are customized to meet your needs. We offer pressure washing, vacuuming, and heavy contaminant build-up removal. We also offer tank maintenance and inspection to keep your equipment in top condition. Click here for more information about our confined-space entry services.

Parts Cleaners

Clean parts mean clean performance. Over time, machine parts collect dirt, grime, and build-up that can decrease the performance of your parts. This can also lead to a decline in production or become hazardous in workers’ safety. We offer a wide range of equipment to either buy or rent to keep your machine parts clean. After set up, schedule a time with us to regularly replace the cleaning solvent to keep your parts staying clean. Click here for more information about our parts cleaning services.

Pressure Washing Services

For hard-to-get grime on machinery or equipment, our pressure washing service is perfect for you. By pressure washing your equipment, you can extend the longevity of your equipment. By doing so, it saves you money and resources. Our OSHA certified technicians can clean industrial tanks, spills, stores, warehouses, and roadways. Contact us today to begin discussing a plan that’s perfect for your needs. Click here for more information about our pressure washing services.

Tank Cleaning Services

Tank cleaning is a messy part of the job but it’s necessary. By cleaning out your oil or fuel tanks, you not only increase the longevity of your tanks but also maximize your efficiency. Keeping your tanks clean of dirt and residue is also in compliance with EPA and OSHA standards. No matter the size, our technicians can remove build-ups or routine cleaning safely and efficiently. Click here for more information about our tank cleaning services.

Vacuum Services

When you’re faced with a leak or spill, we have the equipment to help. Hazardous spills and grease traps require a different cleanup than a standard approach. These substances need to be disposed of carefully to protect both the environment and your personnel. Let our technicians quickly and safely dispose of your harmful materials keeping your workers safe. Talk to us today to develop a plan to properly dispose of your hazardous waste. Click here for more information about our vacuum services.