Equipment and Servicing for Industrial Part Cleaning

Employee cleaning industrial parts

Utilizing a consistent process to ensure that your industrial parts are clean is absolutely essential for the safe operation of your equipment. If your parts fail quality control or end up contaminating other clean parts, your production output and bottom line can suffer — in addition
to any safety problems.

The use of cleaning solvents is a common and extremely effective way to keep intricate parts
clean, safe, and fully operational.

Solvents for Cleaning Industrial Parts

Save yourself the expense (and the headache) of purchasing and maintaining intricate parts cleaners. Use ours instead! By utilizing non-irritating, non-hazardous solvents, January Environmental offers top-quality industrial parts washer units, as well as specialty cleaner units for brakes, paint guns and

Parts Cleaning Set-Up

When renting or purchasing January Environmental’s parts cleaners, our technicians perform the initial set-up for you, saving your business time and minimizing any hassle.

Our Routine Maintenance

After the initial set-up and usage of our manufacturing parts washers, our team will continue to provide routine maintenance, including changing and recycling the spent solvent. While the recycled solvent is used for other purposes, we always refill our cleaning units with fresh solvent, as the recycled solvent isn’t efficient for cleaning parts.

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January Environmental’s parts cleaners are available for rent or purchase. Ensure clean and safe parts for your business on an everyday basis — contact us today for more information and rates!