Hazardous waste disposal solutions since 1952. We are on standby to provide a compliant and cost effective service at your companies request.

Our Services

January Environmental’s Emergency Response Division is available 24/7, nationwide to coordinate accidental spill or leak response and facilitate cleanup for emergencies of all shapes and sizes.

January Environmental makes keeping used / waste oil out of landfills and in business easy and efficient. We’ll purchase your company’s used oil, and then using our custom bobtail trucks and specialized recovery equipment, our waste management experts collect and transport your used oil to one of our state-of-the-art processing facilities.

January Environmental owns and operates fully licensed and permitted Centralized Waste Treatment disposal centers. Our facilities use EPA-compliant sludge dewatering techniques to separate liquids from solids.

January Environmental specializes in the industrial waste management for chemical waste disposal, nuclear waste disposal, toxic and hazardous waste disposal, providing professional, cost-efficient service that minimizes your company’s liability.

Oil truck parked

January Environmental’s vacuum truck services are beneficial for oil water separator, used oil collection, cleaning sump pits, catch basins, drainage systems, tanks, and boilers, among other applications, including our 24/7 Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)-Certified Emergency Response services.

January Environmental provides you with environmentally compliant collection containers for storing used filters until your scheduled pick-up and removal. Our OSHA-certified waste technicians will collect the filters, and transport them to an EPA-compliant facility for complete recycling.

absorbent brooms for waste

January Environmental will pick up and recycle your spent absorbents, and repurpose them to keep them out of landfills. Pads, socks and booms are repurposed as burner fuel, and we reuse kitty litter/floor dry as part of our disposal method to dry our solid waste.

Antifreeze being poured into container

January Environmental offers antifreeze disposal as well as antifreeze recycling services to prevent environmental contamination, and also to preserve natural gas, the non-renewable source of ethylene glycol, .

With our Roll-Off Box Rental Service, January Environmental can deliver and pick up roll off dumpster and box containers for the collection and accumulation of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams at production plants, as well as for service industries that utilize wash racks and collection pits.

Parked Chemical Truck

Confined spaces, like tanks and vaults, are not considered safe for regular employee occupancy. When your confined spaces need maintenance or repair, January Environmental’s Confined-Space Entry Services Team can do the job.

January Environmental offers quick and efficient cleaning of even your most inaccessible and hard-to-clean tanks, oil tank removal, guaranteeing high quality and low price. Our Confined-Space Entry Team is 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard (HAZWOPER) certified.

Employee cleaning industrial parts

Utilizing non-irritating, non-hazardous solvents, January Environmental offers top-quality parts-cleaning units, as well as specialty cleaner units for brakes, paint guns and carburetors. January Environmental’s parts cleaners are available for rent or purchase.

Pressure Washer

January Environmental’s Pressure Washing Services can help you meet OSHA and EPA requirements for a safe, clean workplace. Our OSHA-certified technicians will clean the area of chemical buildup, dirt, mold, mildew, and other contaminants that, if left alone, would gradually accumulate and become more difficult to remove.

Truck driving by January Environmental plant

At January Environmental, environmental excellence isn’t a new-fangled “green” promise. It’s something we’ve always done, and something we take very seriously. It’s our business, and it’s our name. Not only do we boast the experience and resources to treat virtually every type of waste, we do it right. Our perfect compliance record is evidence of that.

When you need nationwide flatbed transportation, January Transport can handle the load. Our fleet of impeccably maintained, state-of-the-art flatbed trucks and highly trained drivers are dedicated to top-quality service for fast and efficient transport of waste products and other industrial applications.

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Why us?

Our Commitment

All services we provide are performed correctly and completely, without delays, exceptions or cutting corners, and with state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally compliant technology.

Our Fleet

January Transport, Inc. boasts a fleet of vehicles and highly trained drivers dedicated to top-quality service for fast and efficient removal of liquid industrial sludge and waste.

Permits & Insurance

January Environmental is a fully licensed, certified and insured waste management company. We meet all requirements in the lower 48 states for hauling and handling wastewater, used oil and hazardous materials.