Our Recycling Services For Hazardous Waste

January Environmental understands recycling or disposing of hazardous materials can get expensive and time-consuming when. With January Environmental, we will pick up and recycle your hazardous materials. It’s one quick, easy, and professional solution. Whether you need to recycle antifreeze, used oil filters, or the absorbents to clean up the spill, January Environmental does it all.

Absorbent Recycling

Nearly every workshop or industrial site uses an absorbent material to clean up their workplace. But disposing of those materials and buying new ones regularly can cost you money and stress on the environment. By partnering with January Environmental, we can replace your absorbents regularly to save you money and the environment. Weekly or monthly, we can schedule a time that’s convenient for you to remove your used materials with clean-recycled absorbents. Click here for more information about our absorbent recycling services.

Antifreeze Recycling

Antifreeze is used to maintain the temperature in your engines from overheating or freezing. Used antifreeze is very toxic and shouldn’t come in contact with humans or animals. You must have a plan for disposing of antifreeze. Dumping antifreeze is environmentally irresponsible and it’s also illegal. Contact us today to develop a plan to recycle your used antifreeze today. Click here for more information about our antifreeze recycling services.

Used Filter Recycling

Oil filters are used to remove contaminants from your oil reducing the chance of corrosion and build up in your engines. Instead of disposing of the filters, we can replace them with new ones and have them re-manufactured to extend their lifespan in other industries. Several states have regulations about proper oil disposal so it’s important to stay up to date with their laws. With our expert staff and certified technicians, let us properly recycle your used oil filters today. Saving you money and the environment. Click here for more information about our used filter recycling services.

Recycling and Sustainability

Preserving our environment and helping you save money is our goal. We make sure our technicians are always up to date with EPA and OSHA guidelines to keep your workers safe from any hazard in your workplace. With our recycling services available, we can help you minimize your impact on the environment while also saving money. It’s our commitment to reducing the need for paper with our digital billing system. We offer a customized approach to your needs to make sure your time and energy are minimized. Contact us today to get started partnering with us towards a cleaner and greener future. Click here for more information about our recycling and sustainability services.