Waste Services

Whether its waste profiling and removal or waste treatment and disposal, January Environmental goes to great lengths to handle your company’s waste management needs. January Environmental specializes in providing a professional and cost-efficient service to help minimize your company’s liability. No matter how big the job, January Environmental will manage logistics and disposal.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is exactly what it sounds like, a hazardous material that should be treated carefully after use. If not treated correctly, this waste can cause several dangerous outcomes including ignitability, corrosion, or toxic to the environment and people nearby. Next time you need your hazardous waste removed, contact us today and speak to our certified staff. With a variety of ways, we can remove your waste and have you back focusing on your business in no time. Click here for more information about our hazardous waste services.

Waste Oil Recycling & Recovery

Improperly disposing of waste oil is dangerous for the environment and illegal. According to the EPA, roughly 200 million gallons of oil are dumped illegally every year. Nevertheless, let us take care of your used oil as we partner to preserve our community’s environment. With our skilled technicians, we can handle your oil and recycle it at our facility to be reused in other industrial applications. Contact us today to begin your process towards a cleaner and safer environment. Click here for more information about our waste oil recycling & recovery services.

Waste Treatment

No matter your spill or leak, we can handle it. We have treatment centers across the country ready to help you clean up and recycle your waste at a moment’s notice. Our certified staff will analyze and determine how your waste should be removed. Contact us today to help you protect your workspace and the environment. Click here for more information about our waste treatment services.

Waste Profiling and Minimization

Every waste material is different, the same goes for our approach. We take the time to evaluate your waste, develop a plan to remove it, and create a plan to efficiently maintain the waste. We take careful consideration to properly remove and recycle the waste to keep our environment and workplace safe. Contact us today to start creating your custom plan today. Click here for more information about our waste profiling and minimization.